About Us

Oxide is a Private Local Company established in year 2001 Located in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Oxide is actively involved in several commercial and industrial investments in the Kingdom which includes Management Technical Training & Development Programs, Chemicals & Petrochemical Industry, Product Distribution, a wide range to plastic conversion Industry and other Ventures.


Oxide is continuing to evaluate and develop new and innovative opportunities in the industry, trade and commercial sector relying on a proven track record of developing executing and managing various businesses in Saudi Arabia. Oxide has established a sound record in securing all necessary licenses and infrastructure for such facilities.


Oxide is on the growth path, we are enjoying a preferred status with good quality products and consistent customer satisfaction. Our targeted Key Markets/Industries/Products distribution service include :

Adhesives / Coatings / Elastics / Sealants / Construction Products/ Detergent Products/Feed Products/ Paper Making Products / Petrochemicals Industrial Chemicals/Tanning Products/ Textile Products / Water Treatment Products / Food Ingredients for Dairy Ice Cream & Cheese, Cereal & Bakery & Beverages & Powdered Drinks etc.,